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Our Mission

At Hawaii Camera, our mission is to inspire creativity, perpetuate memories, and help you manifest your full creative potential through the renting of photo, video, event, and broadcast equipment.

The heart of our business is your happiness, and we whole heartedly embrace this by taking the time to educate and serve you in the best way possible. We’re dedicated to making a measurable difference not only in your immediate rental interactions, but in the quality of your entire creative experience.

We see creativity as fuel for life, as it is the driving force behind our business culture. The core of our business goes beyond the tangible and is perpetuated through time in the form of memorable experiences, cherished memories, and enduring creative projects.

Hawaii Camera Associate Working With Customer

We Work Closely With Customers To Get Them The Right Equipment

Our crew is here to help you choose the right gear and offer advice that will produce the best results for your shoot. If you’re unsure about what equipment to use, come into our store and give it a try before you rent.

Hawaii Camera Technician Prepping Camera

All Gear Is Professionally Prepped, Ready For Shooting

Our equipment prep process ensures the gear you rent will be ready for shooting. All of our equipment undergoes a full system checklist, including inspection, cleaning, and testing. For production crews, our dedicated prep techs are available to work directly with you on specifics like wheel carts, focus charts, and more.

Hawaii Camera Associate Working With Customer

All Our Gear Is Maintained To The Highest Standards

Offering the best gear on the market to rent is a top priority for us. We buy new camera equipment as it’s released (to stay up to date with the latest industry standards), and sell off used rental inventory once items have passed through our rental lifecycle.