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Through our partnership with Salt and Air Studios, we now provide complete Aerial cinematography services using the most advanced camera stabilizing platform in the world.

Enter the SHOTOVER F1, a state of the art electronically stabilized six axis gimbal that supports a wide range of cameras. Salt + Air Studios and Hawaii Camera can deliver motion picture production anywhere in the world, at any height, depth and speed. Whether the shot is over Land, in Air or on Water, our hand crafted rigging, custom mounts and expert Operators can delivery remotely controllable yet perfectly stabilized footage on over 120 different camera and lens combinations.


SHOTOVER F1 Six Axis Stabilized Gimbal

Director of Photography and Co-Founder of Salt + Air Studios, Mike Prickett, has 30+ years of experience in motion picture, commercial and documentary film production all over the world. Most recently Prickett either DP’ed or did Cinematography for Chasing Mavericks and Point Break 2.

You’ll see Prickett’s work on countless other shows like Billabong Odyssey, X Men 2, Riding Giants, Step Into Liquid, Blue Horizon, The Ride, Day of Days, Red Sky Morning, and the list goes on.

Prickett also works with all the major television networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, National Geographic, BBC, Learning Channel, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc.


SHOTOVER U1 Heavy Lift Drone + Gimbal
Billed as the most advanced heavy lift drone and gimbal system ever produced, the SHOTOVER U1 is the ideal choice for lower budget aerial shots or when a Helicopter just cannot get close or low enough to the action. The SHOTOVER U1 can safely carry an Alexa Mini, RED WEAPON, Canon C300 or C500, Sony F5 or F55 or any DLSR camera you can think of. The SHOTOVER U1 can also offers full control of your cinema lenses wirelessly and offers video feeds for the pilot, DP and focus puller.


SHOTOVER U1g Three Axis Gimbal

The SHOTOVER U1g Gimbal is a standalone three axis gimbal with advanced controller, 3-channel FIZ system, Preston Hand Unit option, wireless monitoring and control.

We have all the tools to mount the U1g to our custom camera cars, boats, jet-skis, motorcycles, off road vehicles, technocrane — pretty much anything you want to mount the U1g on can be accomplished!

With our trained team of Technicians and Global logistics ability, we can travel worldwide on immediate notice to support any feature film, documentary or commercial shoot.

We also rent AirFilm AStar and Bell Helicopter mounts with appropriate FAA/STS paperwork for most Aerial systems including SHOTOVER, Cineflex, GSS and other gyro stabilized aerial systems.

Please contact us to inquire how we can help your Production.


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