We have launched our YouTube channel where we will be making available, for free, our workshops, how-to videos and other media.  Our most recent workshop was part of Zak Noyle’s Aquatography series focusing on water housings and how to take care and load them properly. We were lucky enough to have the founder of SPL Water Housings, Sean LaBrie, also as guest.  Nearly 50 surf photographers were able to join in the conversation, to bring in their housings and ask questions.  It was a great event and we are thankful to Sean and Zak for their time.

Other workshops and how-to videos we have planned include a wedding lighting course for photographers, how to set up wireless lav microphones, choosing a projector and screen, how to shoot an interior space, setting up a live stream for events, soft box setup and a lot more.

Visit and watch at the Hawaii Camera YouTube channel.

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