As digital sensors in cinema cameras continue to resolve more detail, record higher resolutions in RAW, have greater dynamic range and arguably impart less character than film stocks of the past, DPs more than ever are seeking new ways to get a certain “look” to their image.  Vintage lenses have become very popular, and in particular, Anamorphic lenses have been making a huge comeback to the cinematography scene.

Hawaii Camera has invested in Kowa Anamorphics to it’s local rental inventory to ensure the latest tools are available for Hawaii video production companies.  We offer 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm focal lengths. Use of a high quality focal length doubler on the 75mm can also net a 150mm lens for a total of 5 focal lengths available.

Hawaii Camera can also source a number of other anamorphic lenses such as Hawk C, V and V-lite series, Cooke i Anamorphics, Zeiss Master Anamorphics, Scorpio 2x Anamorphics and a number of other vintage 1.3x, 2x anamorphic or spherical lens sets.

Recent Projects shot on Kowa Anamorphics


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