Hi, my name is Josh and I am the founder of Hawaii Camera.  For over five years now we have been providing solutions to creatives in our store, by the phone or over email.  I believe knowledge is powerful to the individual and that it should be free to all. Our new blog space will give us a platform to not only announce and discuss new products, but also talk about the ways you can use them from both a technical and creative standpoint.  In addition, we will also have guest writers, including members of our awesome staff, who will discuss their approach to certain challenges, how they executed a solution and the results. Our articles will be open for commenting in hopes we can create a dialogue between all of us to better ourselves and to correct my inevitable inaccuracies in grammar or content.

To all of our clients, past present and future, I appreciate all of your support and I look forward to hearing your input on our commentary here.


Josh Strickland

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