Surf photographer, Jackie Fiero, will be presenting some of her best images and sharing her shooting techniques in this two hour workshop geared toward the aspiring water photographer. She will begin by going over the importance of choosing the right location (based on winds, water quality, and swells if any) as safety is her number one concern. She will then share with everyone the various cameras that can be used to shoot in the water which might range from GoPros to water housings for your mobile device or DSLR camera. Next, Jackie will go over some techniques that she uses to flex her creative muscles while in the water. And none of this would be complete until you’re able to post process your images. Editing water images, especially over/under shots, is a little tricky. Jackie will break this down into a few easy steps so you can walk away with an eye-catching image that reflects your vision. A free meet up at Magic Island will follow the date after where the attendees can practice what they’ve learned in class while enjoying the calm waters of the lagoon.

Over, Under, and In Workshop Details:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Location: Hawaii Camera

Presenter: Jackie Fiero

Class Objectives:

  • Learn to interpret ocean and weather conditions to determine your location.
  • Gear needed to get the shot.
  • Positioning yourself in the water & camera settings.
  • Finding the right balance to editing your water shots.


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