Duovox launched the new Duovox Mate Pro night-vision camera via Kickstarter. It boasts a next-generation Sony STARTVIS 2 CMOOS image sensor and promises to be the’most advanced true-color nightvision camera’.

The backside-illuminated STARVIS 2 CMOS sensor promises sensitivity of 0.00001 lux. This corresponds to an overcast, moonless night sky. A clear night with a full Moon is between 0.05 to 0.3 lux. The Mate Pro is a full color camera, unlike many night vision cameras. We wrote recently about how researchers are using AI to create full color night vision cameras which use infrared technology. However, the Mate Pro uses the visible spectrum and Sony’s advanced STARVIS 2 image sensor.


The Duovox Mate Pro includes artificial intelligence. AI Assist Dynamic Algorithm is a form of artificial intelligence. It allows the user to select shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. AI can also increase the dynamic range of the camera, up to 22.25 stops. AI can also reduce noise and adjust white balance to produce a color image that is accurate and clean.

Sony developed the image sensor exclusively for the Duovox Mate Pro. It promises extremely low pixel density. The 5MP sensor measures 1/1.8 inches in size, so the pixels aren’t very dense. These pixels are 244 percentage larger than the full-frame mirrorless Sony a7SIII camera.

The built-in LCD 3-inch monitor has 1.3M dots and can be used to view photos taken. You can also transfer images to the camera via Wi-Fi or live stream 2K footage. The camera can be used as a security camera or game camera. Other shooting modes include motion detection, timelapse, instant recording, loop, delayed stop and way back recording (this allows for up to 25 minutes of footage to be captured before you hit record), facial recognition capture, and many others.

Although the focal length of the Duovox Mate Pro is not clear, it has an F0.9 lens. The sensor features a 4.9x crop factor. Video at 30fps is possible (1080p or 2K resolution). The camera can record JPEG, RAW photos, and.MP4 videos to a microSD memory card with H.264 codec. The battery life of the camera is up to 4 hours.

How does the Duovox Mate Pro image quality hold up to scrutiny? The Kickstarter page has many sample images. For real-world insights, you can also check out this hands-on review. This camera sounds interesting and has impressive night vision capabilities. However, it doesn’t have a great image quality.

The minimum pledge required to receive the Duovox Mate Pro at $599 is as of this writing. This is half off the expected retail price of $1200. The camera will start shipping in October. has more information about the camera and other backing options.

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