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Ripping Pants, Herding Cats, and Inviting Laughs: What I’ve learned in 10 years of wedding photography. Andy Stenz’s will be teaching you how to create and foster memorable photos and experiences for your clients.

Andy Stenz creating love stories for over 10 years

What are the keys to making a wedding memorable for your clients, in both the immediate wedding day experience and in your lasting photography? How do you create time and space for couples to interact in deep and meaningful ways? And how does that play into the wedding day and the final photos?

And what in the world do cats have to do with all of this?

Workshop Detials

Date: January 26, 2019
Time: 6:00 to 8:00pm
Location: Hawaii Camera
Cost: $45
Limited to 20 participants. Bring your camera and any lense, but a 35mm to 50mm is recommended. You can RENT a camera and/or lens at Hawaii Camera!

Andy Stenz wants to share with you his knowledge, experience, and humor of what he’s learned over the last ten years shooting weddings. Whether you’ve been shooting weddings for years, or are interested in shooting your first, Andy’s approach to his work can help you serve your clients better.

Going deeper into the topics he shared at PhotoCon this year, most notably working with clients to create authentic emotional reactions, Andy will bring in a real couple and show you how he interacts with them. You can bring a camera or not because it’s about the techniques and not a specific lens or shutter speed. And it’s something which can be applied to your style of photography.

Andy Stenz creating love stories for over 10 years

This Class is for Everyone

About half of the class will be wedding specific (although even some of those items do apply to various other types of photography as well). But the client interaction part is applicable to anyone who works with people in front of their lens. Andy uses the concepts when shooting everything from headshots to 100 person group shots. So please join us! Bring a camera with any lens but a 35mm or 50mm is recommended for the space. You can rent a camera and/or lens from Hawaii Camera (RENT HERE)

Class Objectives

  1. How to get authentic emotional expressions from your clients
  2. Learn how to foster quality time and space for photos on a wedding day
  3. Steer away from common pitfalls that early wedding photographers suffer through

Meet Andy Stenz

Andy Stenz 10 Year Wedding Photographer

Andy Stenz is an Oahu-based wedding photographer focused on the connection found between two people. He has been shooting professionally for over 10 years and loves to share what he’s learned. Besides shooting couples, he’s also an aerial photographer and gets excited to fly around the islands taking photos of the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii. He has spoken locally and internationally at conferences but he really hates humblebrags (or lies and says that he does).

You can find him on Instagram for his weddings at @hawaiiforlovers and for his aerials @andystenz

Rent Gear Featured In This Post


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