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Equipment for Sale

Used gear includes an in-store warranty and new Profoto equipment carries a 2-year USA warranty. The used equipment In-store warranty covers defects in the items arising from intended use, excluding impact, moisture and fungus damage. You would simply bring (or ship) the item to us and we will handle any covered repair directly with the manufacturer. An equipment loan of like function is available to you for free if the purchased equipment fails during the in-store warranty period for a covered problem.

Equipment Rating Scale

10: Used equipment, but appears as new
9+: Shows little or no signs of wear
9: Shows signs of use, but very clean
8+: Shows moderate wear or finish marks
8: Well used - may exhibit "dings" or finish marks
7: Shows considerable amount of use - More than average wear
New: Brand new, unused with full warranty
Demo: Open box, may have been tested in-store. full warranty.

Canon Gear for SaleRatingSale PriceWarrantyAccessoriesSerial / Qty
Sigma 4.5mm Circular Fisheye9+$4416 MonthsFront and rear caps.11479402
Canon 28-300mm f/4-4.5L IS9$1,7501 YearCaps, hood, pouch.41824
Canon 85mm f/1.2L II9$1,5803 MonthsCaps, hood, pouch.238034
Canon 85mm f/1.2L II9$1,6403 monthsCaps, hood, pouch.263761
Canon 5D MkIII8+$1,8903 monthBattery, charger, strap, body cap172028011220
Nikon Gear for SaleRatingSale PriceWarrantyAccessoriesSerial #
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S9$1,2803 MonthsFront, rear caps, pouch, hood.787886
Nikon 24-120mm f/4G AF-S ED VR9+$7303 MonthsFront, rear caps, pouch, hood.62149762
Sigma 24-35mm f/2 ArtNew$7604 YearsNew in box, unused with full warranty.1
Nikon D4 Camera9$3,3023 MonthsBattery, strap, charger, cap.2015957
Sony Gear for SaleRatingSale PriceWarrantyAccessoriesSerial #
Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 II HSM for Sony10$6003 MonthsCaps, hood, pouch.13050252
Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC HSM for Sony10$3103 MonthsCaps. Hood.50278819
Other Cameras for SaleRatingSale PriceWarrantyAccessoriesSerial #
Olympus OM-D E-M19+$7903 MonthsBattery, charger, strap, body cap.1
Lytro Illum9+$4901 Monthcharger, battery, strap, hood, cap615
Water Housings for SaleRatingSale PriceWarrantyAccessoriesSerial #
Canon 7D Water Housing by SPL (Splash)9+$1,2903 MonthsDome port, 2-stg. trigger, accessories.1
Video Lighting GearRatingSale PriceWarrantyAccessoriesSerial #
HIVE Wasp Plasma "Drone" Kit - AC/DC BallastDemo$2,92012 MonthsToo much to list. Everything as new.1
HIVE Bee Plasma Flood Kit - AC/DC BallastDemo$2,15012 MonthsBarndoors, Scrim Set, AC and DC power2
HIVE Wasp 8 Point SpreedringDemo$14112 Months6
HIVE Wasp 4 Point SpreedringDemo$14912 Months4
HIVE Bee Umbrella MountDemo$7412 Months6
HIVE Wasp Par Glass 4 Lens SetDemo$27012 Months1
HIVE 25 foot header cableDemo$6412 Months2
HIVE 50 foot header cableDemo$14612 Months2
HIVE 4 Light FrameDemo$37112 Months1
HIVE 6 Light FrameDemo$52112 months1
Profoto GearRatingSale PriceWarrantyProfoto #Quantity
Reflector Translucent MNew$712 years1
Umbrellas accessories:
XL back panelNew$802 years1009972
L back panel New$742 years1009962
M back panel New$452 years1009952
S back panelNew$352 years1009943
XL diffuser 1.5 New$672 years1009932
L diffuser 1.5 New$602 years1009922
M diffuser 1.5 New$392 years1009911
S diffuser 1.5New$322 years1009904
Soft grid 50 for 1x6' New$1132 years2546291
Soft grid 50 for 1x4' New$782 years2546281
Soft grid 50 for 2x3' New$842 years2546221
Soft grid 50 for 3' Octa New$1252 years2546301
Deep Silver MNew$1452 years1009872
Deep Silver SNew$1242 years1009841
Deep White LNew$1752 years1009771
Deep White MNew$1422 years1009861
Deep White SNew$1312 years1009832
Deep Translucent XLNew$2202 years1009821
Deep Translucent LNew$1452 years1009792
Deep Translucent MNew$1222 years1009882
Shallow Translucent MNew$632 years1009761
Shallow Silver MNew$792 years1009751
Shallow Silver SNew$632 years1009722
Speedrings RFI for:
Alienbees/White LI New$752 years1005051
Elinchrome New$992 years1005032
OCF speedringsNew$742 years1012100
14mm Adapter plate New$992 years1006333
Acute2 1200 2-Light Kit - DemoNew$2,4002 years9007951
Li-Ion B2 batteriesNew$1702 years1003961
1x6' Softbox RFINew$2662 years2547100
1,3x1,3' OCF SoftboxNew$792 years1012136
Strip mask 7cm RFI 1x4'New$452 years2546331