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On 99% of all orders there will not be a deposit. If you are renting production equipment, or are renting equipment valued at more than $10,000, we may require a deposit or insurance. We will contact you shortly after your order submission if a deposit or insurance may be required and to what extent it will be.

First Time Renters:
Your card will be charged when you book your first rental.

Returning Renters:
Your card will be charged when you pick up or when we begin shipping your rental order.

Picked Up Rentals:
The rental period starts from the time you pick up your rental and runs in 24 hour increments. A 1 day rental is due back at the time you picked it up. There is a 1 hour grace period before the rental is considered late. Please call us if you think you’ll be late as someone else may be waiting in line for the equipment. Example: A 1 day rental, picked up at 2:00 pm on Friday would be due back by 2:00 pm on Saturday. Your rental would be considered late at 3:00 pm Saturday. The late charge is an additional day charge, unless someone was waiting for the rental, in which case we reserve the right to charge double the daily rate to cover our costs in making our other client whole.

Shipped Rentals:
The rental period is starts the day of the first delivery attempt. Your rental period then runs in 24 hour increments from that time, and must be returned to the shipping carrier by the end of the rental period.

You may make a reservation for any future date. During checkout, choose the pickup and return dates and our system will automatically calculate the rental charges based on the length of the rental. We will send you a confirmation by email once you submit an order.

For shipped orders, simply indicate that choice during checkout. There is a 3 day minimum on all shipped orders. We can ship to your Home, Office, Hotel, Studio or to a FedEx Location. Your responsibility for the package starts when it is signed for. A signature is always required at delivery. In some cases, we’ll restrict delivery to the person who made the reservation, so please let us know in the order notes if someone else will need to sign for the package.

Extensions may be requested by contact us [email protected] or phone (844) 735-3838 before your rental expires. If no other customers are in line for the item, we will definitely be able to extend your rental. If an extension is not available as someone is next in line for it, you will need to return or ship back the equipment as originally scheduled to fulfill the next order.

It is our absolute goal to help you rent what you want or need! Some of our very expensive items we require an insurance policy on file. The insurance is needed as our primary concern is that some of the equipment might be stolen from you. The insurance gives us some peace of mind that if the equipment is stolen, we will be repaid.

In general, if you are renting multiple items that exceed $10,000 in value or a single item exceeding $12,500 in value, we may require insurance.

For these high-value rentals we will require a Certificate of Insurance that covers rented equipment equaling the replacement value. Read our Insurance Requirements.

You may already have an insurance policy, such as a Homeowners, Production, Commercial General Liability, or Umbrella Policy, that covers Rented Equipment. Talk to your insurance agent for more details or call us at (844) 735-3838 if you need assistance.

We recommend Athos Insurance for short term or annual insurance. A sample Athos Insurance $20,000 equipment policy for 1 week with Continuing Rental Fees and Unlocked Vehicle Warranty options is $200. Read our Insurance Requirements.

We’re always looking to carry new equipment that our customers want to rent. Please contact us to let us know what you’d like! By receiving enough requests for a particular item, we’ll know to take a closer look at including it in our rental inventory. We also might be able to obtain the rental item from one of our partners.

No refunds are provided for early order returns.

You can avoid a cancellation charge by requesting cancellation more than two days prior to the date of pickup or shipment. For cancellations with less than two day advance notice prior to pick up, those will result in a charge equaling one day of rental charges.

In-Store Pick Ups / Returns

Equipment is generally available for pickup during store hours. Let us know if you have firm pick up or drop off time requirements so we can plan ahead for your equipment rental.

Absolutely! You will need an account to do this. For new clients, please complete the New Account Setup forms. Existing clients can authorize others to pick up on their account by completing the Rental Authorization form. Individuals authorized to pick up must have valid identification at the time of pick up.

All rentals are in 24 hour increments. Simply return the equipment by the date and time listed on your invoice. There is a one-hour grace period, though all rentals due back at the end of the day must be returned during business hours, otherwise it will be considered a late return.

Absolutely. We will e-mail you a receipt when the equipment is returned and provided a printed copy upon request.

This sounds like a great idea! However, due to the fragile and high-value nature of the equipment we rent, a drop-box is not available.


Depending on the rental start date either two day round trip or overnight round trip shipping will be used. Two day round trip service starts at $19.99. Overnight round trip service starts at $24.99. The shipping cost will increase depending on size and quantity of the order. Most additional items are $5 each. Oversized items such as super-telephoto lenses, video, lighting and grip equipment may incur additional charges.

We can deliver gear to your Home, Hotel, Condo, Studio or a FedEx location.

We do ship to Hotels! Please be aware that most hotels will not accept liability for delivered packages. This means once the shipment is signed for at the Hotel, you become liable for it. Usually a call to a Hotel Manager to advise about an incoming package can minimize any potential issues.

Orders in-stock and approved by 2 pm Monday thru Friday will arrive by the end of the next business day. Orders placed after 2 pm Friday will be delivered Tuesday. Choosing to have your order delivered to a FedEx “Hold At” location near one of the major inter-island airports will generally be available earlier in the day as it does not have to be trucked out. Nearly all areas in Hawaii are Overnight except of remote areas, such as Hana, Maui and Waimea on Hawaii Island, which are two business days.

FedEx Express deliveries within the Hawaiian islands are guaranteed by the end of the business day, usually 5:30 pm for Businesses and 7:30 pm for Residences.

We can note special requests for delivery at a specific time but due to pre-planned daily routes, FedEx cannot guarantee accommodation of the request.

To ensure proper receipt of equipment, a signature will be required for all shipped rentals by the FedEx driver.

FedEx is extremely reliable in our experience. That’s not to say mistakes won’t ever happen. We recommend having the equipment delivered 1-2 days before your big shoot, event or vacation just in case something comes up. If FedEx screws up and is not able to make a delivery attempt by the originally scheduled date, we will offer to recall the package and provide a full refund.

Fortunately this happens very rarely, as all shipments are packed by at least two individuals. But in case we do make a mistake, please contact us within 3 hours of shipment delivery. We will ask for photos of the boxes interior and exterior, the packaging and the items before issuing a replacement.

A prepaid return label and shipping instructions are in each shipment. Always obtain a receipt and never use an unattended drop box.

FedEx does not offer weekend delivery in the Hawaiian islands. We suggest choosing Friday as the delivery date.

Our primary service area is everywhere in Hawaii that FedEx delivers, but if justification exists to ship rental equipment to the Continental U.S., we’ll gladly help out any of our clients! Shipments outside the Hawaiian islands require a full-replacement cost deposit or a certificate of insurance on file.

We ship equipment every day and have thousands of shipments under our belt. We carefully prep, test, inspect and pack each item before FedEx bring it to you. We'll select the best type of container, whether it's a cardboard box, hard case or travel case. From a single lens to entire camera, lighting and grip orders we will deliver equipment on time.

Rental Gear

All the accessories or parts include with the rental are listed on our website and on your rental invoice. Lenses will usually include a front and rear lens cap, a UV filter, a hood (when included by the manufacturer) and a carry pouch. Camera bodies usually have a fully charged battery, strap, charger, body cap and eyecup. If you need something else not listed, just ask! We can usually accommodate most special requests.

We pride ourselves on having some of the highest performing and best looking rental equipment in the industry. We only buy new gear and replace it often. Every item you rent has been inspected, tested and cleaned with a comprehensive process involving multiple trained technicians. We take our responsibility as a provider of rental equipment very seriously and will do everything we can to ensure you have a successful shoot or event.

We promise to do our best to ensure it is! This includes inspecting, testing and cleaning every piece of rental equipment when it is returned from a previous customer and before it goes out to the next customer. If we find any functional defects, we’ll send the equipment in for repair before it goes back into rental inventory.

In addition, every piece of equipment was purchased brand new -- never used -- and only kept in rental rotation for a certain time before being replaced with a new item. Most common cameras and lenses are rented for only 18-24 months before being replaced. A few specialty, out-of-production or low-demand items a bit longer. A number of rental companies buy used equipment for their rental inventory. Not us! You won’t get old, worn out or used gear like that at Hawaii Camera.

In the unlikely event you receive an item that does not work properly, please contact us immediately. We know that getting improperly working equipment is a serious problem and will do whatever is humanly possible to getting you appropriate replacement equipment as fast as possible. Please understand if we provide you with replacement equipment and the original equipment was tested and functions OK, you’ll be charged rental fees for both rentals. Always reach out to us sup[email protected] if you have any concerns or questions!

We try and keep as many paper manuals in stock, so please ask if you need one. If a paper manual is not available usually we can help find a link to an online manual.

Better yet, if you have questions, ask one of us to help you! We’ll do our best to assist you. We can be reached at [email protected] any time or (844) 735-3838 during business hours.

Yes, all current and previous residents of Hawaii are eligible to take the rental equipment outside of the United States! Please let us know when booking the order what countries you will be traveling. If you are visiting a country currently listed under a Travel Watch or Travel Warner by the U.S. Department of State, we reserve the right to charge a deposit and/or require insurance.

We totally understand that accidents can happen. Please contact us as soon as possible [email protected] and we’ll go from there. Try and return the rental as soon as you can and we will begin evaluation of the damages. Our standard process is to ship out the equipment for repair, then notify you when it returns, with a final cost to you. We reserve the right to charge your account for an amount based on previous repairs and ship it off for repair for a final cost. You are liable to pay 100% of the repair, or replacement cost, as well as rental fees (i.e. “loss of use” fees) for every day the gear was out for repair and not able to be rented.

To keep our prices low we ask our customers to take care of the equipment as best as possible. That said, light scratches to the lens barrel or lens hood is considered normal wear and tear. Very light scratches to an LCD screen would also fall under normal wear and tear. Any scratches or cleaning marks to the lens glass or a dent to the lens barrel would be considered damage and the responsibility of the customer.

Please contact us right away as media is generally formatted immediately once returned. If you have an emergency, contact us right away. If we have not already formatted the media, you may be able to rent out the card again or transfer it while at the store to your computer to download your data.

We test every piece of equipment before it goes out and every time it is returned, but it is possible (although unlikely) you will encounter a problem. Please notify us about the gear in question immediately by telephone or by email and we will work with you on identifying the issue and providing a replacement (if necessary). We will send the equipment in question to the manufacturer or authorized repair center to determine the problem. If the report indicates impact or moisture damage, those damages will be the responsibility of the customer. If we replace equipment that is later determined to be user error and not a malfunction of the equipment itself, rental fees for both pieces of equipment will apply.

About The Business

Our store is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Our online store is available for researching and booking rentals 24 hours a day at www.hawaiicamera.com.

Yes, everything we are selling is listed on our Equipment for Sale page.

Unfortunately, we do not. However, if you love a particular lens you rented and want to buy it, let us know! We accept all major credit cards and cash for equipment purchases.

While we could share the many positive emails and letters we’ve received from our rental customers, we suggest verifying us on a third-party online rating system such as Yelp.

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