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Filter, Circular Polarizer - 77mm

Filter, Circular Polarizer - 77mm


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  • Filter, Circular Polarizer - 77mm

Filter, Circular Polarizer - 77mm

Radiant white clouds against a deep blue sky or saturated fall colors are no coincidence. Polarizing filters block the bluish gray veil from the diffusely polarized light of the sky. They augment the purity of true colors and increase color saturation. Polarizing filters are among the most important filters in (Digital) photography. They can be rotated in the mount, allowing the visible regulation of the effect in the viewfinder or on the display. The filter factor is two to three f-stops. The maximum effect is achieved at a shooting angle of 90° to the sun. For an even effect in the picture, 35 mm (or 28 mm in 35 mm film format) should be the minimum. The second beneficial effect of this filter is a reduction of reflections from non-opaque surfaces (water, glass, lacquer). Objects behind these surfaces, including writing behind reflecting lacquer, are made visible. Fascinating ways to enhance images without using photo editing, circular polarizing filters are highly recommended for digital cameras.

Note: This filter is stocked in 77mm. A number of step down rings are available to fit the filter to lenses with a smaller filter thread.

  • Carry case.


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