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GoPro Omni 360 VR Rig

GoPro Omni 360 VR Rig


  • GoPro Omni 360 VR Rig

GoPro Omni 360 VR Rig

Omni Rig
The Omni rig is compact and sturdy, and it can be easily handheld if an optional handgrip is connected to one of the integrated 1/4"-20 threaded holes. This design enables you to take a spherical video rig with you on your adventures and travels and capture your experiences in a unique way. In order to overcome the issues of syncing multiple discrete cameras, GoPro has integrated pixel-level syncing of the 6-camera array in order to minimize motion artifacting, even in high-motion situations.
Switronix HyperCore Battery
Along with the D-tap cable, this battery will power the entire Omni rig without having to resort to multiple GoPro batteries. An on-board fuel computer samples capacity and charge or discharge load and then recomputes and refreshes the LCD display every five seconds, so you'll always know how much time you have left on your charge before you have to swap batteries. A V-mount plate and charger are also part of this kit.
Six 32GB cards are included, so you can have all the cameras at the ready when you want to start shooting. Readers for each card are also included, along with a 7-port USB hub, so you can ingest footage from all cards simultaneously.

Note: Stitching software required, yet not included.

  • 6 x Micro Usb Readers
  • Sd Card Tweezers
  • Omni cage
  • Hard Case
  • Switronix 98 Wh Battery
  • 7 bay Usb Reader with Cable
  • Switronix d-tap to Barrel Cable converter with Clamp
  • Go Pro Remote
  • Switronix V-Mount Battery Clamp
  • 6 x GoPro Array Cameras (Hero 4)
  • 6 x Hero 4 Batteries
  • 6 x Go Pro Caps
  • 6 x 32gb MicroSd Cards
  • Switronix V Mount Charger
  • 6 x Usb to Mini Usb Cables
  • Allen Wrench


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