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High Power Walkie Talkie - 5 pack

  • High Power Walkie Talkie - 5 pack
  • High Power Walkie Talkie - 5 pack


High Power Walkie Talkie - 5 pack

Our high power Walkie Talkie has all the power you could ever want or need.

Our walkie-talkie is compact and handheld transceiver with ability to deliver 4 watts in the range of 136 to 174 MHz and 400 to 480 Mhz. You can also monitor VHF on 65 to 108 Mhz which includes FM. Dual channel monitor and reception is built in. Up to 127 memory channels. DCS/CTCSS encode. Keylock and built-in flashlight.

Note: This radio is capable of operating on licensed frequencies reserved for law enforcement, public safety and military. Hawaii Camera assumes you have the knowledge of and will respect all FCC regulations.

We recommend using one of the frequencies on the MURS band.
The Multi-Use Radio Service, or MURS, is a low power, short range, unlicensed personal radio service in the 150 MHz band.
The frequencies for MURS are 151.82000, 151.88000, 151.94000, 154.57000 and 154.60000 MHz.

Read the manual. Additional information on MURS.

Rental comes with

UV5R Radio
Flexible antenna
Lithium-ion battery (7/4v 1800 mAh)
Belt clip
AC adapter & Charger tray


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