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K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit

  • K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit
  • K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit
  • K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit
  • K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit
  • K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit
  • K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit


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K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit

The K-Flex Dolly Complete Kit is everything you need to quickly achieve stunning dolly shots in a lightweight package.


The Kessler K-Pod is an extremely durable tripod that can easily hold an operator and camera while on the dolly track.

The Hercules head comes standard with the K-pod and can accommodate heavy Jibs, cranes, and sliders. The head comes with standard with a 100mm bowl so mounting your favorite fluid head is possible in just a few seconds. (fluid head not included)

The K-Pod is easily adapted from Heavy duty tripod into a functional dolly system with just a few components.

The Kessler seat and dolly trucks mount directly to the K-pod and is ready to shoot in just a minute or two.

One of the trucks articulates freely so that having the track perfectly parallel is not necessary. One can quickly lay down the track, and as long as the distance between the two tracks is within tolerance, the dolly will easily move over small bumps, twists, or curves while maintaining an extremely smooth movement.


The Kit includes a 50 foot track that folds up into a soft case and can be stored practically anywhere. The benefit to the flex track is that you can quickly set up complicated moves such as curve shots without carrying both straight, and curved speedrail. The Flex track is also useful because it is designed to go directly on the ground, as opposed to standard dollies that require an abundance of speedrail as well as apple boxes or support. The rail is made super hard rubber and will not corrode or rust like standard metal tracks.

  • Kessler Seat
  • 2 x K-Pod Premium Dolly Trucks
  • 1 x K-pod Premium Articulating Dolly Truck
  • K-Pod Soft Case
  • K-pod
  • Hercules Head
  • K-Flex 50 Foot Track
  • K-Flex Track Soft Case


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