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Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit

  • Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit
  • Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit
  • Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit
  • Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit


Traditional Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer

Kenyon 8x8 Gyro Stabilizer Kit

Traditional Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer

The Kenyon Laboratories KS-8x8 Gyro Kit is the perfect stabilization unit for any camera system weighing from 11-22lbs.  

Gyroscopic stabilizers differ from 3 axis gimbal stabilizers such as the MOVI, and DJI Ronin, as gyros are more effective in reducing vibrations and other small, unwanted movements. 

Gyro stabilizers are often mounted to helicopters, cars and other platforms where excessive movement and vibration can affect the quality of the shot. They are ideal for situations where outside forces such as bumps, vibrations, or wind may create unwanted camera shake. 

For complicated hand held shots with aggressive pans and tilts, we recommend our Movi M5, or Movi M10.

You can even mount your still camera directly to the sliding base plate on the gyro and shoot handheld to get great stills even when things get a little bumpy.

The KS-8x8 will run a full 2 hours on a single charged Ken Lab Battery Pack, It will run for 2 hours on an Anton Bauer Digital 150 battery with a 4 pin XLR to D-tap cable

You can also power the Gyro from a 12 volt cigarette lighter port or even an Anton Bauer D-Tap.

NOTE: This unit requires a 15 minute start up time, and must be completely static at startup.

  • 1 x Ken Labs Lead Acid Battery Pack
  • 1 x DC To DC Cigarette Lighter Power Converter
  • 1 x AC Battery Charger
  • 1 x KS-8x8 Gyro with Sliding Quick Release Plate


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