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RED WEAPON Dive Housing

RED WEAPON Dive Housing

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  • RED WEAPON Dive Housing

RED WEAPON Dive Housing

Coming Soon

Contact us for more information on availability.

The RED Weapon Dive housing is the top of the line dive housing from Gates water housings. 

Designed for Red Digital Cinema's RED Weapon DSMC2 camera The housing is made of machined aluminum and had a black anodized finish.


The Housing features user friendly controls that are simple and reliable, with control wheels for Focus, IRIS, and Zoom.

The housing also has access to both Brain user buttons, Start/Stop, Power, and an Option for a RedMote to be mounted with the housing for full menu access.


This water housing is extremely versatile in terms of its lens acceptance and can take most Cinema Prime Lenses and Zooms. The arms that drive the lens gears are .8 pitch, and can be independently adjusted to control the smallest primes to the largest zooms. 

For longer lenses the port can be extended with three included Port stages to fit longer lenses. 

For complete lens compatability see here: 


The Housing comes with a Monitor Housing that can support the Red 5" Monitor, and controls the 4 user buttons built in to the monitor. 


The housing includes a motorized pump that extracts air from the housing, enlarging the sealing o-rings, and creating a more secure seal. This system also features a PSI gauge to allow for extremely accurate readings of internal pressure in the housing. 


43 lbs / 19.5 kg (complete w/camera)


Slightly negative and adjustable

Depth Rating 

450 Feet


Red Brick 

  • Main Housing Assembly
  • Rear Housing Assembly
  • Camera Tray
  • 2 x 3-1/2" Dome Extensions
  • 2 Inch Dome Base
  • 1 x Gates Housing Vacuum
  • 1 x Top Handle
  • 2 x 3/8" Camera Screws
  • Dome Cover
  • 4 x Focus Marker Rings
  • Allen Toolkit
  • Rod Extension Kit
  • Ballast Weight Kit
  • REDMOTE Carriage
  • 1 x 5 Inch Dome Extension
  • 3 Inch Dome Base
  • 2 x Removable Side Handles
  • External Monitor Housing
  • 2 x Pelican Storm Rolling Cases
  • RED Weapon/ Dragon adapter kit


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