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Shooting a Model with Basic Lighting

Finding and balancing light when shooting a model on location can be difficult. With this class, you'll learn how to use basic light. This will be a hands-on workshop, attendees will be able to shoot with a model using these basic techniques. Reflectors, Diffusers, and Flashes will be used and discussed during the workshop. Go to Hawaii Camera and rent the equipment you want to try out.

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Take control of the M: Making the jump from shooting in full auto to manual mode

Are you afraid of turning that dial from Auto to Manual? Would you like to learn how to take creative control of your images by maximizing everything that your camera's manual mode can offer? If you're anything like me, you'll want to get your shot in camera so your editing time will be drastically reduced. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be shooting than stuck in the digital darkroom. After this three-hour class, you will walk away with the knowledge of how to create a properly exposed photo in manual mode. I will break everything down for you to its simplest terms so you can leave your frustrations behind and concentrate on creating the images you want.

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Find the right composition, increase your knowledge of the camera, hot to create and grow your social media presence, how to take your photography professional.

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On-camera filters: Unleashing your creative potential

Filters are an essential tool of the photography trade. Learn how to use them effectively to make your vision into a reality.

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