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Infrared camera rental enables individuals and corporations to detect moisture and air conditioning leaks in their home, business or commercial property.

FLIR (Forward looking infrared) is the type of camera system we offer for rent. Known as the best in the business, FLIR SYSTEMS thermal cameras enable anyone to "see" moisture leaks behind walls, overheating electrical circuits and relays, even verify leaky window seals that can increase power bills due to AC units having to work harder.

Our infrared cameras can be rented or hired 7 days a week at our Honolulu, Oahu store. Conveniently located in the beautiful Kaimuki community on Waialae Avenue, between 9th and 10th avenue. Our online booking system ensures you can make an advance reservation and the gear will be here when you need it. Other thermal camera rental places charge a deposit but at Hawaii Camera we do not charge an extra deposit, you just need a valid credit or debit card on file. Please note we are not affiliated with FLIR systems, we just rent their awesome infrared cameras!

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