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Our Video rental department has video recording devices, video monitoring solutions or video monitors for rent at reasonable daily, weekly or longer term rates.

Our monitor rentals come in sizes from 5 inches to 30-inches, we feature brands such as Apple, HP, Sony, Convergent Design, Teradek, Panasonic, Marshall, Viewsonic and others. Whether you need to rent a 4K or Ultra HD display, or you need color-accurate reference monitor for your still or video shoot, even a directors monitor with ability to view multiple inputs at the same time, Hawaii Camera has it in our rental department. We also offer computer monitors for rent, like the gold standard Apple Cinema Displays available in 24-inch and 30-inch models.

Hawaii Camera's rental department is open 7 days a week. If you need help choosing the right monitor, send us an email [email protected] or call us at (808) 735-3838. One of our support staff is ready to help.

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